To inform someone that you WILL engage in a serious physical altercation with them WHENEVER, WHERE EVER & AROUND WHOM EVER upon YOUR eye contact of their PRESENCE without ANY discussion .
Since you keep talking about me, Im knocking you out ON SIGHT.
by Corrynthia August 12, 2019
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two or more people, who have a long standing disagreement, agree to physically handle their problem upon seeing each other; whether it be a planned or coincidental meeting you are expected to fight your opponent
“Trust me, when I see you it’s ON SIGHT! Ain’t no talking just be ready to throw them hands! PERIODTTTT
by CandiedYamMaam April 23, 2019
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When you see someone you dislike or have a problem with and you guys automatically break out into a scrap upon seeing one another.
1. "If that guy comes through its on sight"

2. "I saw that Evan guy at a party and it was on sight"
by AirMtb May 29, 2016
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A phrase you use to tell a person once you see them no word will be spoken, but hands will be thrown
by Dark_KÍng March 9, 2020
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On sight means that when you have beef with some body you automatically fight them. There is NO talking it out
"Yo girl when I see her ima beat that bitch ass on sight!"
by Tiffany_Knows October 11, 2018
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When someone messes with you or someone close to you.
When you wanna fight someone
Yeoo, he messed with my girl yeo, tell him it’s on sight
by XxReneexX March 10, 2018
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