A sexy someone who goes on crazy wild adventures at night with his friends a lot. very awesome type of person who is true to all his friends. You'll always find him telling the truth no matter what. he is unique so when you find a Cornelio hold on to him, he won't let you down for an awesome night.
Girl: have you met Cornelio? Omg he's so cute and so fun to hang with.
by Aka Hilfiger July 19, 2017
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An uncool guy that thinks he's hot and cool but he's only a cookie.
"Dude, you're like totally ignoring that little kid that's talkin' to you, dude."
"Who cares, dude. It's only Cornelio"

"Who's that little kid that keeps dancin' like a crab?"
"Dude, it's like cornelio, dude."
by Ana April 09, 2003
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