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When you blow your load and have to get out REAL quick.
Alright babe, I'll come over for a quickie but I gotta get to work so its ejac & evac or it ain't happenin'.
by AmadeuS469 July 02, 2018

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The ridiculous things you do to entertain yourself during a quarantine.
Knitting my family a set of personalized surgical facemasks is my favorite form of quarantainment.
by AmadeuS469 March 21, 2020

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A tree hugger who has taken the human to tree relationship to the next level, evolving into an actual physical relationship.
My tree fugger girlfriend left me because she was "getting wood" for someone who was hung like a mighty oak tree. Which turned out to be a mighty oak tree.
by AmadeuS469 August 21, 2018

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Slang for Sex.
Well, I'd love to come to the after bar but uh, I do believe my lady friend wants to go back to my place for some horizontal refreshments.
by AmadeuS469 July 02, 2018

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The lube left in your ass from the anal sex/anal play the night before that helps ease out your first morning poop.
It's great when that first shit of the day is made easier by the Fuck Fiber left over from the butt plug you wore the night before.
by AmadeuS469 April 10, 2020

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The political principle where whether you go far left or far right, if you go too far in either direction, like Pac-Man, you will end up on the other side which is always a dictatorship.
Hitler was a socialist but moved so far left on government control that, because of the Pac-Man Principle, he came out on the right as a fascist and wound up ultimately as a dictator.
by AmadeuS469 July 02, 2018

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1. Verb: Go. Move. Leave. Get out. Change locations.
2. Noun, Proper: Moniker bestowed upon the alien race present in the Super Nintendo game "Out of this" world primarily due to its statement during the escape scene.
1. Verb: "Let's pleuba"
2. Noun: "Dude, go back. You forgot your Pleuba."
by AmadeuS469 September 03, 2016

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