The Green Bay Packers lead Quarter Back. In his first season of actual play, the Packers had a 6-10 W-L record. Come his second season, he turned it around and came off with an 11-5 record, although would go on to lose to the Arizona Cardinals in the first playoff game. Then in his third season, after numerous injuries and a concussion, he was able to get a 10-6 record which landed them a 6th seed position in the playoffs. After beating the top three teams in the NFC playoffs, he and the Packers would go on to play in Super Bowl XLV. And after a few more injuries and keeping the lead the entire game, Rodgers and the Packers would go on to win the Super Bowl 31-26, beating the Pittsburgh Steelers. After the game, Aaron Rodgers was named the MVP of the Super Bowl, and then he celebrated with the rest of his team knowing they finally brought the Vince Lombardi Trophy back home.
Man, Aaron Rodgers had a pretty shaky first season of heading the Green Bay Packers for QB, but come the next few he was able to turn the team around and win them a Super Bowl title.
by The Mighty Quinn 3000 March 14, 2011
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The new Green Bay Packers starting quarterback who will be under the spotlight after everything he does because he unfortunately has to follow the career of Brett Favre.

Now a term used for being an underdog and having to live up to someone's achievements.
"Your sister has a 4.0? She Aaron Rodgers'd you in your parents' eyes. F*** her up."
by sounds awful August 6, 2008
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A Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. First to throw over 4000 yards in each of his first two seasons as starter. Doesn't make bad decisions and is the 2nd best running QB in the NFL behind, of course, Michael Vick. Aaron Rodgers was one who many thought would not be able to replace Brett Favre, but in fact has 17 Penises. It can be noted that these penises can turn into anything. ANYTHING. Lucky for your team, he doesn't turn them into dragons. DRAGONS I TELL YOU. DRAGONS!
Person A: Lets count the number of Penises in here. Let's see, 16 males and Lady Gaga. Hmmm....

Person B: Aaron Rodgers.

Pssh, Brett Favre is awesome. Wait, who replaced him? Mega-God Aaron Rodgers.
by Powerfhgj December 24, 2010
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Favre, his fans, and the media can eat their shit now.

Aaron Rodgers: 341/536 (63.6%), 4,308 yards (7.53 yards), longest 71, 28 touchdowns, 13 interceptions, sacked 34 times, 93.8 passer rating.

Notes: The Packers defense was terrible this year, their o-line not performing well, Ryan Grant struggled, and Greg Jennings/Donald Driver are nowhere near as good as Laveranues Coles and Jerricho Cotchery.

Brett Favre: 343/522 (65.7%), 3,472 (6.65 yards), longest 56, 22 touchdowns, 22 interceptions, sacked 30 times, 81 passer rating.

Notes: Granted Favre had a better completion percentage, his total and average passing yards is noticeably lower than Rodgers (and Favre had a better wide receivers unit). Favre had less touchdowns than Rodgers and more interceptions.

Packers Nation, stop blaming Rodgers for the poor season. If the Packers improve their defense in the offseason, they're going to be the team to watch out for.
Aaron Rodgers > Brett Favre
by david smith, jr. February 5, 2009
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A lie or unforced error that destroys one's reputation
He had everything going for him and then he pulled an Aaron Rodgers.
by Actlikeaman November 10, 2021
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An overrated primadonna likely to fake injury to garner sympathy.
"He's just an Aaron Rodgers. He sucks."
by HahaBastard March 25, 2019
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