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noun. (slang)

a womanizer, a philanderer, a man who has sex with many women.
My friend Ronny is a real starboy. He sleeps with a new girl every weekend.
by Jay_00 September 23, 2016
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A man who has sex with many women, a womanizer
"That man Abel is a Starboy" "I just fucked two bitches fore' I saw you".
by TillTheDeathXO September 24, 2016
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A term that originated in the West Indies to describe a man who sleeps with many women, a womanizer
With accent:
Da fella dey a rell sta-boi yuh knuh

Jim bangs girls every weekend, what a starboy.
by Staboi21 December 01, 2016
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A Man that is killing it in the game of life. He consumes everything. Hardships are simply challenges to make him better and test his abilities to overcome. He sees nothing as impossible. His energy is addictive and powerful. He sets the standard that others try to match. Everything he touches is made better by his creative thought and Midas touch. He is in demand in his career. Women want him, Money wants him, Success is HIM. He does 10 times more than the next man to achieve his ultimate goal. His mind is relentless in his journey of achievement. He takes responsibility for all his actions good and bad. He is on top of his business and personal affairs and keeps everything in strict order.
He is pure grit.
"that Starboy's presence made the room electrifying!"
"His success is a result of that Starboy Mindset!"
by Billionairemindman August 31, 2017
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The latest album in collaboration of The Weeknd and Daft Punk released on November 25th 2016 with hit singles Starboy and False Alarm

Possibly the album of the year with very great songs such as secrets, ordinary life and much more

The best song might be I feel it coming which has a strong Michael Jackson vibe along with a great Daft Punk sound that is worth giving a listen to
Starboy is a great song but it's not as great as I feel it coming
by Dolan Dark December 01, 2016
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