noun. (slang)

a womanizer, a philanderer, a man who has sex with many women.
My friend Ronny is a real starboy. He sleeps with a new girl every weekend.
by Jay_00 September 23, 2016
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A short latino guy with big muscles that seduces women for fun. He usually has an ethical dilemma with his actions every three sunsets. He is sexually confused because society incites him to be gay. He has neatly plucked eyebrows and a woman's body that attracts bitches like warm bread.
Guy - 'Hey Miguel, did you know that you're a Starboy?'
Miguel - 'Ya párale con tu pedo wei!' (is secretly vexed by the thought of the guy being right)
by EstrellaMan February 26, 2017
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Magnetic, gifted person. Loaded with charisma and confidence. He really shines. He has it all.
Yeah, that dude is a starboy and he knows it.
by emuwren1 December 15, 2016
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A chubby male that thinks he is gangsta, this person often idolizes the lead singer of the weeknd
Guy 1: Yo, look at that guy
Guy 2: Man, that guy is such a starboy
by snakeeyes7 December 23, 2018
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A Man that is killing it in the game of life. He consumes everything. Hardships are simply challenges to make him better and test his abilities to overcome. He sees nothing as impossible. His energy is addictive and powerful. He sets the standard that others try to match. Everything he touches is made better by his creative thought and Midas touch. He is in demand in his career. Women want him, Money wants him, Success is HIM. He does 10 times more than the next man to achieve his ultimate goal. His mind is relentless in his journey of achievement. He takes responsibility for all his actions good and bad. He is on top of his business and personal affairs and keeps everything in strict order.
He is pure grit.
"that Starboy's presence made the room electrifying!"
"His success is a result of that Starboy Mindset!"
by Billionairemindman August 30, 2017
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