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city in manchester new hampshire where there are an endless supply of wanna-be's, white guys trying to be black and "normal" people selling drugs under the table to get by. Typical day involves a trip to the mall, movies or walmart. the only place open after 2am is....the 24 hour brooks, walgreens or walmart
"what do you want to do? "
"lets cruise elm street, maybe hit one of the 4 18+ clubs."
by Alicia May 7, 2005
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alicia:amberrrr i'm going to mashugana you
*karate chopes continuously*
by Alicia April 10, 2005
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(n)someone with notoriously big testicles.
(v)to give a melonhead, take your entire man's testicles into your mouth and lick all over.
(n)"My baby's got such a nice melonhead to suck! It's so huge!"
(v) "Gonna give my man some melonhead tonite, he's gonna love it!"
by Alicia August 6, 2004
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a dead beat suburb of milwaukee, wisconsin. no place for teenagers but the high school.
Living in Menomonee Falls blows chunks.
by Alicia October 13, 2004
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A fun-loving person.
one who smokes a lot of pot
a boy who is secretly adored by millions
the female verson of koley_bear when looking in reguards to videogames etc

v. to smoke pot
GIRL 1 "I made a new best friend today.."
GIRL 2 "Oh really? who...?"
GIRL 1 "Oh just...neverdeadneveralive"
GIRL 2 *secretly angry because of secret crush* "Oh...That's cool..."
by Alicia July 15, 2004
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The best band ever!!!! just had their new album catalyst come out a couple months ago and toured with green day. THE KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Alicia December 19, 2004
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girl who works her little tail off and dreams of being with her true love


lover of carlo
"LOX loveeess Carlo"
by Alicia July 15, 2004
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