Only province in Canada that Americans find worthwhile to visit. Only province in Canada where it takes 30 minutes to get from the beaches to the snow capped mountains. Makes Americans wonder what the other Canadians are doing out in Alberta and Ontario. Locals like to show off by windsurfing and snowboarding in the same day, just because they can.
"God lives in British Columbia" -Denny Crane

American businessperson: "Let's go up to British Columbia and buy a condo now before their prices jump another 25%."
by bill_y September 5, 2006
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canada's 3rd largest province and probably it's most beautiful. beaches, mountains, cities- everything you'd want is basically here. but bc's biggest attraction is it's high quality mary jane. there are a few amsterdam-like 'coffee houses' in vancouver, bc where you can smoke the stuff, but they're being reduced in number unfortunately.
in british columbia, weed is the biggest cash crop.
by Provincial Mood December 14, 2007
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western most province of canada.
capitol in victoria, the garden city.
known for the 'best chronic'
amazing parkland
big trees
will be a giant hippy comune in the future, i can see it now.
Wow, I sure am high.. Glad I got this weed from British Columbia.
by t-dub March 25, 2004
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The best Canadian province that sits north of the best US state.

The part of Canada I will likely move to since the US has gone down the shitter.
1: Hey where are you going?
2: British Columbia.
1: Why?
2: Because retarded Republinazi's made America a horrible country that I can no longer tolerate.
by Spectacular November 25, 2007
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Land of weed and hippies.
There are a lot of pot smoking hippies in British Columbia.
by Pillowpantsjoe September 14, 2011
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