58 definitions by alicia

also see definition nyahx3
origins: oc...not "the oc"

-a lover of bunnies
-all around kind human being
-one having a sexy backside
-fun and childish (in a positive light)
"Megan started a campain to save the bunnies today, that is SOOOooOOo nyah_nyah_nyah."
by alicia July 15, 2004
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"Maha! I can't believe you beat me!" said Lily as she threw down the chess piece.
by alicia January 8, 2004
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When you're feeling really bad and guilty for something and there is no word to describe how you feel.
I just feel sooooo bagua!
by alicia September 7, 2003
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A fun-loving person.
one who smokes a lot of pot
a boy who is secretly adored by millions
the female verson of koley_bear when looking in reguards to videogames etc

v. to smoke pot
GIRL 1 "I made a new best friend today.."
GIRL 2 "Oh really? who...?"
GIRL 1 "Oh just...neverdeadneveralive"
GIRL 2 *secretly angry because of secret crush* "Oh...That's cool..."
by alicia July 15, 2004
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all jelly bracelets are to me is a fashion statment.All the people at my school try to make a big deal out of it but it isnt. some people who put the fake definitions on here are sick. who's gonna kill someone fir breaking a braclet? thats so retarded.oh yeah im gonna kill or do what ever you want because yuo broke my braclet. uf someone broke one of mine i wouldn't do anything except beat their @$$.Then make them buy me new ones.My parents dont care if i wear them. i feel uncomefortable if im notn wearing them. my wrists feel naked.
at school.Hey why do you wear them? Becouse im alowed to. god leave me alone.they keep repeating that over and over it gets tiring!Im ready 2 just kick their @$$'$!!!!!!!!!
by alicia March 16, 2004
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A term for rape because someone 'had it their way'.
That chick totally got burger king'd at a college party.
by alicia October 2, 2004
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a dead beat suburb of milwaukee, wisconsin. no place for teenagers but the high school.
Living in Menomonee Falls blows chunks.
by alicia October 13, 2004
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