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Hyoh is a specific sound often had as a reaction to something /kinda/ funny. Hyoh doesn’t have to be a genuine laugh, but it can be. The Hyoh noise is sometimes made while laughing without even noticing. Hyoh can also sometimes be replaced by hehehoy , another interpretation of what the Old Man said in the video.

Hyoh originated from the Skype Laughter Chain video on YouTube, which at its peak was one of the most viewed videos on YouTube when released. In the video, Old Man who couldn’t contain his laughter begins laughing, but laughing from the heart; or Hyoh-ing. Although this is just a small fraction of the video, it remains a memorable part of anyone’s life who has watched the Skype Laughter Chain video.
Person A: Sometimes when I’m driving people places, I just feel like crashing my car into a tree; or like—driving into a lake

Person B: ...Hyoh
Person A: Babe, you won’t believe what happened. My old friend that turned out to be an egotistical douchebag just fell face first into the ground while bragging about how great his posture is when walking.
Person A: Bro I’m so high...
Person B: Bro REALLY?
Person A: No lie
Person B: hyohyohyohyohyoh; alternatively, hehehoy
by computerboy June 11, 2018
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An alternate word for "Yo!". The word is deriven from the reverce sound of "Yo!" into a microphone. Thence "Hyoh!", it can be a greeting or a friendly gesture.
by Gervah Riah99 April 26, 2006
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