A late-night event hosted at a venue, featuring a DJ or DJs playing dance music.
After the concert, the venue kicked us out so they could set up for their club night.
by jeebz December 11, 2018
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Where the drinks are cheap and the women are cheaper.
Where fist pumping is a sport.
Where bouncers are judges and DJ's are prophets.
Where the only fishing conversations mean "jail-bait".
Where Tony Hawk isn't the only one that grinds.
At the Night Club:
Dude 1: Hey man, why are you all sweaty?
Dude 2: Fist pumping, hard core style.

Dude 1: Nice girl on your arm, bro. How old is she?
Dude 2: All I can say is that she's jail-bait.
by Giraffa June 24, 2010
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It used to be a place where people hook up about 4-6 years ago, but now ever since the media came up like Facebook, something happened god knows what, and now its just a place good looking guys meet fat chicks

Usually the worst night clubs are the ones where you pay a $25 buck cover, go in see girls either already with guys or 2-3 sets of 5 hot girls rejecting every quality guy that comes in,

Leaving the fat chicks making themselves available, but after getting rejected by like 20 something girls, GQ model looking guys get desperate and just ends up going for the fat chicks

In general its where hot girls go to get attention and fat girls go to find the love of their lives...
Steve: Yo man lets hit up the night club tonight and get some tail

Jack: Oh hell naw man, $25 buck cover to see all these stuck up girls that push you around...

Well hey if your there to get with that fat chick thats you, but me, I rather save my dignity and go pay for that nice female escort, at least I know I can get some from a hot female instead of getting humiliated and hooking up with that balloon..
by John the man tran September 4, 2012
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to choke someone untill they pass out, proceed to have sex with them and they wake up in the middle of it.
dude, i was night clubbing with that girl over there, the other night. she hasn't talked to me since.
by the night-clubber February 2, 2011
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Very popular Illegal Street racing group in Japanese Sub culture, consisted of truly elite racers not ricers. Entry into the club required a car with a minimum speed of 155 mph as race speeds often exceeded 215mph. Apprenticeship for 1 year was mandatory before becoming a full member. Safety was highy stressed in the Mid Night Club, drivers who showed recklessness and posed a danger would have their membership revoked. Races were carried out on the Bayshore Route of the Shuto Expressway between Tokyo and Yokohama. Quality of the drivers made it nearly impossible to be caught by police.
Membership cars were often very heavily modified, producing up to 600 BHP. As club policy inquiry into how its racers could easily afford such high priced modifications was prohibited.
The group permanently disbanded in 1999, when a fatal accident occured while racing a group of bikers. Several were hospitalised and a person was killed. As club policy, if such a thing happened they would end the club forever.
The Rockstar racing series Midnight Club is based on these actual racers, the two Kanji letters in Midnight Club translate to Wangan, meaning Bayshore, the route raced by the drivers.
Hit up Wikipedia for info about Mid Night Club
by Emmanuel left a Definition October 14, 2006
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Viktor: Hello, Do you know where I can find some Niga's in this region?
Black Guy: The fuck you say to me? *punches*
Viktor: No sir it's Niga Night Club
Black Guy: Ohhhhh.
by FaggotKiller2001 February 22, 2022
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This is not a physical club people can join. A person gains membership when he or she chooses not to leave their house and sits at home. Various activities the club members take in are solitary pizza eating, ice cream shoveling,crying to a soap, drinking the lonesome night away, and watching pornos and imagining what they COULD be doing on a friday night but cannot due to living up to the club.
While Billy's friends decided to go to Jerry's house to party, he was in The Friday Night Club for a night all to himself.
by ThePartyDoesn'tStopHere April 15, 2015
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