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When reading a boring piece of literature, such as a school Biology textbook or assigned reading book for English, you seem to lose track of time and begin reading the same sentence over and over again, while absorbing none of it.
Anthony: Hey Callum, how do you think you did on the Bio test?

Callum: I think I did pretty bad, I had major reader's block last night trying to cram for the test.

Anthony: Man, I hate reader's block.
by Aivalleb September 15, 2009
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When a company i.e. Nike hypes and hypes a product and then releases the product at a ridiculously high price, then get away with it because everybody wants it so badly.
Anthony: Did you see the price tag on those shoes?!?

Lucas: Yeah, it was ridiculous.

Anthony: Talk about a price rape.
by Aivalleb December 27, 2010
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Rachael Ray's slang for a combination of quick and delicious.
Rachael Ray: Quick and delicious, is quilicious a word?
Everyone else: No, it's actually not.
by Aivalleb July 2, 2009
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A group whore is someone who, during group projects in school joins one group only to leave it for another and then comes back and then leaves again while still pretending to be part of the original group.
Callum: Hey, can I join your group?
Anthony: Sure.
Callum: I'll be right back (goes to other group)
Lucas (in Anthony's Group): What's going on.
Callum: Ok, what's the answer to number 5?
Anthony: I'm not telling you!
Lucas: You're a group whore Callum!
by Aivalleb October 20, 2009
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N. Someone who is romantically attracted to certain colors.

Adj. A certain color that attracts people in a romantic way.

Origin: Chromatic (having to do with colors) + Romantic (you know what that means)
Joe: How come Bob always tries to date every girl who wears the color orange?

Anthony: Dude's a chromantic.

Max: Why does everyone try to date that girl when she wears that green shirt?

Anthony: That's a chromantic green.
by Aivalleb August 2, 2009
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The property of having such an enormous butt that for all practical purposes is actually 2.
Anthony: OMG, have you seen the new substitute teacher ?!?

Max: Yes!

Anthony: Dude, its not cool, I think she's biassed, she was sitting in two chairs instead of one!
by Aivalleb September 15, 2009
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An exclamation made just before giving a high five to someone to signify the high five that is coming.
Anthony: So then I told George that I was the one who egged his house last weekend!

Lucas: Up top!

(High five occurs)
by Aivalleb September 29, 2009
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