some police funded assholes walking around your town, spying on text messages through electronic reading devices.
you can spot readers by seeing a random guy (or gal) walking around town with a cell phone or handheld device and they stop in the middle of their walk and wave their electronic device in the air like they lost a signal or something----this happens when they are reading a person who is onto them and has the insight to take out their battery.
by gmoneyfunkybrewster March 27, 2010
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An amazing movie with Kate Winslet that is about sexual tension. Set during The Holocaust.
I just watched The Reader and I cried so much! It was so sad!
by poolshark01989 May 27, 2009
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A sick individual. Killed my mom. I always knew he was the real deal, but his internet antics made me think he was all fun and games. I thought he was COOL
Reader. has been all over the web. He goes by several different names and has been banned from every board he posts at.
by butthurtFAGGOT July 7, 2009
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when your friend, best friend or close mate starts going out with your ex-girlfriend
person1: yeah hes going out with my ex

person2: oh shit you've just been readered
by The Rabbi jones July 26, 2010
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An attractive woman who is liked strictly for her looks, but once discovered she can read is elevated to a whole new level of hottness.
by X2 May 23, 2008
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When you find a movie on Netflix with an English title, but it ends up being in Spanish!
I thought I found a movie on Netflix we haven’t seen..then I figured out’s a reader!! (Because you have to read the captions to know what they’re saying.)
by Brokedowning/PG March 18, 2018
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