just like a mother bird would do for her child, it's the act of chewing up food, then spitting it into the mouth of another for their easy consumption.
what are you doing?" "nothing, nothing, just about to baby bird my girl some cookies because she's lazy and wants to eat.
by sassyfrassy July 11, 2011
When one or more women kneel before a cock and beg for load on their face(s)...like a baby bird being fed by its mother
I gave those bitches the baby bird, and she gagged hard.
"Dude! next time you spot me on bench press, wear some longer shorts! You're totally sporting a baby bird!"


"Man, that blond is hot! I'm gonna' sit across from her and flash the baby bird!"
by richard vendor October 22, 2012
Having another person kiss you and transfer a beverage (usually alcoholic) to your mouth to make it less conspicuous you're drinking underage (or just because its fun)
Brian: I can't buy her a drink, she's underage!
Jason: Just use the baby bird on that bitch!
by Phoe and Troo and Justin November 6, 2005
A sexual act in which one individual penetrates another doggy style, either in the vagina or the anus, and, right before one of them reaches orgasm, the penetrator vomits into the mouth of the penatrated, thus filling it's mouth like a baby bird.
I was never more happy than when Jordan baby birded me in New Orleans. I'm just glad his vomit tasted like string cheese and bacon instead of relish and olives.
by Isaiasandbabybird December 26, 2009
When a girl goes down on a guy and after he loses it in her mouth instead of swallowing she kisses him and spits it in his mouth.
dude that chick from the dairy queen totally baby birded me.
by Tessy October 23, 2007
when you throw up into your girlfriends vagina
"honey i want to try something really kinky, its called the baby bird"
"what is it?"
"well first i :BLARGHH!!:"
"its the baby bird sweetie, dont be a prude"
by mfdavid January 6, 2007