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just like a mother bird would do for her child, it's the act of chewing up food, then spitting it into the mouth of another for their easy consumption.
what are you doing?" "nothing, nothing, just about to baby bird my girl some cookies because she's lazy and wants to eat.
by sassyfrassy July 11, 2011
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An exposed testicle, intentional or not.
"Dude! next time you spot me on bench press, wear some longer shorts! You're totally sporting a baby bird!"


"Man, that blond is hot! I'm gonna' sit across from her and flash the baby bird!"
by richard vendor October 22, 2012
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When one or more women kneel before a cock and beg for load on their face(s) a baby bird being fed by its mother
I gave those bitches the baby bird, and she gagged hard.
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Verb. The act of a cum hungry slut opening her mouth like a baby-bird and waiting for her partner to shoot a huge load of his spunk into her mouth. The position of her mouth is similar to a baby-bird waiting for it's parent to dump regurgitated food into it's mouth.
He loves to finish off by having her baby-bird his cock while he jacks off.

Look at that baby-bird...what a cum slut just waiting for him to unload in her mouth.
by ready2please November 13, 2009
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After blowing your load in a broad's mouth, she feeds you your own goo, analagous to the way a mama bird feeds her babies. As opposed to snowballing, babybirding is all about nutrition.
Dude, Mike totally asked Nelly to babybird him the other day.
by AndAnotherOne November 17, 2007
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A very small penis with a lot of pubes around it to where it barely pokes out; this resembles a baby bird in a nest.
Paul: So how was last night susan?

Susan: Disappointing... I think I got second hand crotch itch from Jacob's little baby bird.
by 33337333 March 02, 2009
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A sexual act in which one individual penetrates another doggy style, either in the vagina or the anus, and, right before one of them reaches orgasm, the penetrator vomits into the mouth of the penatrated, thus filling it's mouth like a baby bird.
I was never more happy than when Jordan baby birded me in New Orleans. I'm just glad his vomit tasted like string cheese and bacon instead of relish and olives.
by Isaiasandbabybird December 25, 2009
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