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Result of getting high on any inhaled substance or drug such as helium, glue, pots etc
We got airheaded last night at the jones
by errnoob April 05, 2014
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Someone who is incapable of thought, as they have nothing inside of the shit emoji they call a head. Often completely politically ignorant in spite of how opinionated they are about politics. Where as someone who is slow-minded will take the time to formula ideas, and air-headed person hasn't even had an original idea. Air-headed people fail to grasp even the simplest principles of reasoning and usually need things explained to them. Mainly because to reason you must think, to have a thought you must have a brain, the air-heads skull is empty.
Air-Headed "Man isn't communism awesome"

Slow-minded person "Hmmmmm....."

Air-headed person "Well?"

Slow-minded person "Well.... I'm trying to decide whether or not explaining to you how stupid that statement was is worth my time"

Air-head "And?"

Slow-minded person "Hahaha come on bro you know the effort would be wasted on you"
by Hym Iam June 22, 2018
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