Result of getting high on any inhaled substance or drug such as helium, glue, pots etc
by errnoob April 5, 2014
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A person who lacks street smarts/common sense. Forgetful, ditzy, or absent minded. Often used as a characteristic for a stereotypical blonde. It is important not to link airhead to stupid. It is possible to be airheaded yet have book smarts.
The car battery is dead because she left her headlights on again, what an airhead.
by cupk8 April 16, 2018
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Absent-minded, stupid, nothing up top, does simple tasks incorrectly, forgetful, oblivious to every day procedures
You're such an airhead
by SS-man November 25, 2007
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a stupid person(i.e. there is air where brains should be)
His ex girlfriend was such an airhead.
by Light Joker December 23, 2004
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A stupid person (see airhead) on the air or any form of brodcasting that has no clue / idea what they are saying; their mouths leak of idiocracy .
That news reporter who did a report on gun safety sure was an on the airhead..
by Vagooda August 26, 2011
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A. A new modern cultural belief that a person exhibits symptoms/traits that are both hyperactive and inattentive. The person tends to be silly and when speaking he/she may elevate from topic to topic.

B. A new age belief that directs "smoking of marijuana" can be healthy and deemed fit to lessen animosity in a uneased/uncomfortable environment.
ex. She is beginning to project symptoms of airheadism.

ex. He smoked some marijuana thus inducing himself with airheadism.
by Robert S. Law January 6, 2008
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a person who's so stupid they can't even think. Someone who's head is full of hot air. A dumb ass.
I'm an airhead. I was just born that way.
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