a widely used, somewhat impolite, slang term for a woman's hymen, a piece of skin which covers the opening of the vagina and, contrary to popular belief, can be broken in any number of ways including sexual intercourse, tampon use, and vigorous exercise. It's presence, or lack thereof, was at one time used to prove or disprove a woman's virginity, but we now know that this is an archaic idea, as it can be broken in several ways, and many women are in fact born without one.
Idiot: "Dude, that bitch told me she was a virgin, but she didn't bleed when I did her last night. Somebody else must have got to her cherry first."
Less-of-an-Idiot: "Um, maybe she just uses tampons or something."
Idiot: "Oh..."
by Philomel July 14, 2004
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This is US Army slang commonly used during the Vietnam War. It was also used during the Korean War and may even date back to World War II. It means a soldier who is a combat virgin whose behaviour in combat is, therefore, unpredictable. When soldiers like this arrived in a unit, as a replacement for someone killed or wounded, they were often viewed with suspicion and were referred to as FNGs, until they had proved themselves.
The replacements we got are all FNG cherries, no lifers, number ten.
by AKACroatalin February 21, 2019
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something awesome or cool
just a response you use when your blind like shoots.
person 1 lands a sick kickflip
person 2: brah that was cherry.l
by side stick February 26, 2015
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The hot (burning) end of a cigarette, "J", or bowl (pipe).
(Jim): Harry, you just nocked the cherry off your smoke and it's burning a hole in my rug!!!
(Harry): O FUCK!!! Sorry dude!!! {stomps the smouldering rug out with his shoe and relights his smoke}.
by Telephony October 12, 2011
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US Army slang common during the Vietnam War, although possibly originating much earlier than this. It means a soldier who is a combat virgin who has not been 'blooded' and, therefore, one whose behaviour in combat is unpredictable. The arrival of a new soldier as a replacement in an established unit was always difficult, hence the referral to such an arrival as FNG (Fucking New Guy). Where this soldier had not seen combat the difficulty was compounded and the established troops viewed them with suspicion as an unknown quantity.
We just got a load of replacements for the guys evaced out last week, no lifers all FNG cherries.
by Croatalin April 27, 2014
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Cherry is a fruit. but it is also a rare name for girls. People with the name Cherry are usually lovable people. C:
Cherry is my best friend.
by thee devilish angel July 09, 2009
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