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A fucking odd person who likes to annoy the shit out of ppl and have pleasure abt it. They stand out alot due to their abnormalities and other things that ppl hate about them. Feel free to use this as an insult to those you fucking hate. Another word for a douche is nonce.
Dominic: I! Didn't! Eat! Your! CHEEEEEEEEESE!!!
Ray: Stfu you douche, I saw you.
Dominic: Fuck youuuuu! I didn't eat your cheese!!!!!
by A-A 1 January 3, 2021
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A food item that is in possession of a particular person. A carrot helps a person calm down once it's offered to the person that requires calming down. A natural rival of a cookie.
by A-A 1 January 3, 2021
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When ur hyper asf and jumping from app to app like ur spooderman.
Dayuuuumm I lost 3 calories by making my thumbs do app parkour!
by A-A 1 January 6, 2021
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The second stage of being a dick. Between an asshole (1st stage) and cunt (3rd stage).
Person 1: I'm a clever kid who does my homework on the day it's due and the teacher's best friend.
Person 2: Fuck u. That's what makes you a god damn nonce.
by A-A 1 January 3, 2021
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Boomers are people from older generations that don't give a fuck about what we do nowaday and make you repeat THEIR childhood or whatever. They also don't know our language very well for example, they have no idea of the concept of slang. Long story short: Adults and older people don't know what we do and don't understand what we normally do in our daily lives.
Kid: *grinding on fortnite and minecraft bedwars simultaneously*
Parent: Wtf are you doing you lazy cunt? Is this all you do? Just sit there and stare at a screen for the entire day?
Kid: Fuck of you retarded bastard. I'm busy right now.
Parent: You should do somthing like go outside and make some friends. You know back in my days...
Kid: I don't give a fuck what you did back in ur days. You fucking boomer.
Parent: What did you call me? A boomer? What's a boomer?
Kid: *face slap* Oh my god... You know what, I'll go outside and stay outside.
*contemplates life and hangs himself using a random cable on the floor he happened to find when walking to the nearest orphanage in town*
by A-A 1 January 8, 2021
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The brown stuff that comes from ur asshole. In other and shorter words - shit.
Dayumm stop touching his shit!
Do you have a fetish for poop?
by A-A 1 January 3, 2021
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Something that makes you feel a certain way. Mostly positive feelings. Songs are one of the most common causes for good vibes. You only ever get bad vibes commonly if you are retarded and 'spekl'.
This song gives me dank vibes bruh.
by A-A 1 January 7, 2021
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