When you’re manic af and jump from app to app on your phone like you’re Spiderman
I burned 0 calories today doing app parkour! Sick
by bruhdisease December 24, 2020
The swift act of switching from one app to another like some crazed madman on drugs. Often done to curb one's need to browse and check every single social media account (or news aggregator like Reddit) that they have.

The majority of Millennials and Gen Z have mastered the art of app parkour.
David Attenborough (narrator): In his natural habitat, the wild Gen Z is now engaging in his usual ritualistic behaviour that ecologists have now termed " app parkour ". Ecologists are still trying to find out the main reason behind this odd behavioural trait, and whether there is any evolutionary benefit to this adaption as opposed to checking one's smartphone only when necessary.
by Obv troll is obvious December 27, 2021
When ur hyper asf and jumping from app to app like ur spooderman.
Dayuuuumm I lost 3 calories by making my thumbs do app parkour!
by A-A 1 January 6, 2021