a cunt that just fkn doesnt do shit
oi john chuck us a cone

john: nah cant be fkd cunt

by MADLAD_ May 28, 2019
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1. Used as a derogatory term referring to someone who is lethargic

2. Used in a sarcastic or jocular manner describing a person displaying idle tendencies
1. Hurry up and bring me that piece of wood, you fucking lazy cunt!!!

2. Mate, just stop watching the tv so we can get ready and hit the clubs, you lazy cunt
by tonymoverseas December 25, 2006
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A person who does nothing and gets away with everything.
The boy Nathan said to Ryan "you fucking lazy cunt!"
by UNKNOWN_AMERICA_NFL November 17, 2014
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A person who cant get their ass out of their parents basement to do anything productive or get a legit job that pays them money and instead, spends that time jerking off, watching porn and playing so much video games and never going to sleep.
Parents: Why is this Lazy Cunt still in our house and he is 39 years old, he needs to actually obtain a real job.
by iMmA_rAgE_qUiT7727 April 25, 2020
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A court ordered payment made to a woman, other than child support. (i.e. alimony or spousal support)
I have to pay a $2000 a month lazy cunt tax to that bitch.
by John Laricat April 25, 2008
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A big shit talking cunt who does absolute Fuck all except talk shit and act like a movie star.
Hey Mate, can you help us finish all this work? We need to produce a result in the morning!

Nah, I'll just do a visual!

Lazy Cunt!
by B.Colombet September 26, 2023
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