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A group of incredibly intelligent and brave men who do everything in their power to protect our country! They diserve great respect and admoration!
by A friend February 27, 2005
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'Look at that reesty flea-ridden hoor!!'
by A friend June 06, 2003
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Rosie is a person who is kind and generally considerate of others feelings. She enjoys having relationships and sports. She is easy to talk to and can lend you a shoulder anytime.
All right huni, what you up to?
by A friend April 03, 2005
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Non-educated delinquent.

Spot a need by their fake brand or stolen tracksuit, white cap, white trainers, cheap booze (often buckfast), lack of self-hygene and distain for anyone with half a brain cell.

Also see townies, chavs, scallys
"pht ye lookin' et?"
by A friend December 09, 2004
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1. The hair grown above the nuts after a ritualistic shaving.
2. The derogatory term for one who landscapes his crotch hair.
3. The hair grown by a northwoods lumberjack.
1. Brian Ohme has a fantanstic nutstache.
2. Brian Ohme is a fucking nutstache
3. Brian "He's a Lumberjack and he's OK" Ohme is a fucking nutstache
by A friend September 03, 2003
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"real cool kid"
it can be used when someone does something incredibly "cool" or is just someone all together "cool" if you do not understand what we mean by when we say "cool" then you are indeed... an RCK
Jess is one RCK, she tripped while walking out of church.
by A friend August 15, 2004
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A combination of the words "fugly" and "sexy". Used to discribe a person who is so fugly that they're sexy!
Steven Tyler is fuglexy!
by A friend February 27, 2005
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