A small remnant of white toilet paper clinging near a girls butthole, that a man discovers while doing a girl doggy style and gets ambitious spreading her butt cheeks. Usually specific to a girl with large cheeks that ripple and wave like an ocean while she gets smacked from behind. A skinny girl with pancake ass more accurately has a dingleberry as opposed to a white cap.
Man, I was hitting that girl from the gym with the huge cakes from the back the other night... when I cracked open those cheeks I spotted a white cap and had to close it back up real quick before I went into Boner Shock.
by RichardSmoker March 01, 2015
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The act of cumming in your partners ass then when they poop later the have a white cap on the tip of there poop.
i pumped her ass full of my cum, she is going to have a 2 inch white cap.
by GMFU and the ROC July 22, 2008
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An erupting zit, usually near your mouth, that is painful and soo terribly obvious to everyone else because the entire top half of it is white with puss. Usually once popped it pusses back up two or three more times and also bleeds like a bitch every time it is popped.
Damnit there is no way I'm getting any ass tonight with a white cap like this on my lip!
by Allison's Giant Bush February 15, 2010
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A Kenyan beer that tastes like piss. Mostly Kenyan Cowboys (white Kenyans) drink it.
White Cap for a White Chap.
by BenjK January 06, 2007
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Term used to describe a lad in Australia,They are groups of boys aged between 16-25 who wear white baseball caps usually peaked up and walk about like they are untouchable
Person one:"Did you see all the white caps hangin out at the shops today"?

Person 2: "Yeah stupid lads I hate those guys man they walk around with their white hats peaked up and think they're like so hard haha oh please"
by Harry69 June 29, 2009
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When a male ejaculates and either places a tissue or white crew sock over his penis to absorb the semen.
White Capping; Wow, I have to clean up this mess before my mother comes in and finds it. Find me a tissue or a sock so I may place this white cap over my dick.
by panzerk October 26, 2017
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