Originally intended to mean ball but instead it is a bill. Henceforth bill can be inserted into anyword where it fits such as: VocaBillary, Billamanjaro, Billy the Kid, Billary Clinton, Billdo, ImposiBill, Barrack OBillma, or anything of the sort.
Man billz can be inserted into tons of words.
by garrison godgrass November 5, 2009
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billz - part of many commonly used expressions, "billz" refers to either money or work or effort
-"You going to work out?"
-"Yeah man, billz are due. Gotta pay up."

-"Let's go downtown tonight, come on baby."
-"Sorry, I got a test tomorrow and too many billz that still needs payin."
-"Alright then, pay them billz good."

by Duncan Jones September 14, 2007
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Someone who doesn't like to party. A person who hates drinking any types of alcohol.
Come on drink your beer. Don't be billz
by PEEB$ May 4, 2010
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I’m running up B billz so easy no one knows about it lol
by Jayde555 December 19, 2022
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A situation to be taken care of. Usually paid with skillz.
You've told us all about your skillz, but can said skillz pay da billz?
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When something is dead cert gonna happen.

Can also be referred to as "hundo billy p's"

Man #1 "Yo bro, you coming out tonight?"
Man #2 " Fo' show dawg, hundo billz"


Man #1 "Yo bro, you coming out tonight?"
Man #2 " Hundo billy p's, I'll be there dawg!"
by p33p December 16, 2022
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Def. #1: When a male or a female with a strap-on dildo penetrates their partner at over 700 mph.

Def. #2: When a man has Deer Pebble Shits. He then freezes them and puts them into his hand-gun or rifle and shoots them.
Def. #1: Dude last night a gave my girlfriend the best Bullet Billz ever!

Def. #2: My cousin is a complete redneck, he shot a deer with his Bullet Billz!
by Whitey McKrakerhonkey December 21, 2010
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