comes from Hebrew: "bo nishev al..."

same as to ask someone to join you for a meal or to smoke a cigarette (most popular usage), but can be used almost in every "join-me-situation"
1: Hey man,we've got a break now - let's sit on a cigarette!
2: No thanks, i don't smoke.

1: I'm hungry, do you know some place to eat?
2: Yes, its an Italian restaurant, let's sit on some good pasta there.
by Pilpel September 14, 2006
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A phrase used when a girl would like the full attention of the guy she is talking too. Often the girl will actually sit on the guys lap and ask him the question.
by Tawney May 11, 2005
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When you let your vehicle sit after working on it and come back at a later time. This should give it enough time to fix itself or give you the tools to fix it.
Jeff: I was working on the risky ranger and it ran out of gas.
Joe: If you let it sit and think for a while it’ll run again soon enough.
by Nigga Jew 69 December 26, 2022
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