23 definitions by A Minnesotan

Jordans birthday.

The Never Yeti believer.

We still love him though... so..

Happy Birthday Jordan 🎂🍾🎉
When shall we celebrate all things Jordan? December the Ninth. Because its awesome like Jordan.
by A Minnesotan December 11, 2019
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When you hook up with a guy and the dick is SO good but he literally destroys your soul

i.e. he sends you a gift basket of pleasure in the form of dick as you begin your slow descent to hell.
George Clooney had quite the case of demon-dick back in the day.

Walmart Fabio probably thinks he has a case of demon-dick but he literally just kills souls with his personality alone.
by A Minnesotan August 29, 2019
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Sex act.

Generally begins with a tap-tap of male genitalia (i.e. one eyed trouser snake) on a shoulder of fellow patron for attention before 'Dublin' down before the next stop
Little on the nose, little in the mouth and in the ear sometimes; nothing like Dublin in Crumlin

Hey-McMann!! Ever try Dublin in Crumlin??

Oh. Is that your stop? Because Ill flick THAT lightswitch; we are ALWAYS Dublin in Crumlin

Is that a stubby thumb or is this the beginning of Dublin in Crumlin?
by A Minnesotan June 15, 2019
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A brunette Ariel that actually knows how to use a fork.

Hair is also freakishly amazing; jury is still out on if she sacrificed a hobo for it.

Doesnt wear uggs. She wears flip flops because clothes and shoes are prisons for our bodies.

(And we love her for it)
Princess Sandalwood has hair that rapunzel would've lost sleep over.

If Sarge ticks Princess Sandalwood off one more time im 99% sure she will curse his lego sets; and im here for it.

Princess Sandalwood>Ariel
by A Minnesotan June 19, 2019
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If Sarge was a flower he would be a Rhinoce-Rose
by A Minnesotan July 15, 2019
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Sex tapes from a man who explains fairy tales in 2 minutes or less (also explains the sex videos to completion).
Other useful explanations include the following

It's a short one this week

Greasy meat resembling a bear

Unusual downpour

How we get chapped
I'll make it through Sarges Sex Tape if God doesnt smite us with a rain of used condoms
by A Minnesotan January 4, 2019
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A sex act involving a flashlight OR male genitalia. Usually done on a snowy evening; preferably not in Russia as bad results have been reported.
by A Minnesotan November 5, 2018
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