a cult that smokes weed,360 no scopes noobs and worships a dorito with a eye
by a potatoman June 4, 2018
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a product of human fear based dellusion.
A theory for those that need somthing to blame for the state of the world rather than admit it be the simple result of centuries of human stupidity.
"oh no, it cant can't possibly be that human habits force us to blame anyone but ourselves for everything that is bad in the world,.. there must be a big, bad, mean organisation conspiring to fuck things up for us. Lets call it 'the illuminati'"
by smeghead18 March 5, 2009
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conspiracyarchive.com is a great website where you can find out more about the illuminati.
by mista conspiracy April 25, 2005
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a pathetic theory made up by losers who aren't content with the world. so they make up dumbass shit like the illuminati and tell people that they control the media and that they're brainwashing children but the only evidence they have is the dollar bill and a couple of shitty hollywood movies.

the people who believe in the illuminati are the same douches who think tupac is still alive. yeah i guess he lives with elvis and michael jackson.
- the illuminati is EVIL
- wtf?
- they turn into lizards!
- yep, you've lost it.
by charlyrafaeli July 8, 2011
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they have a monopoly on everything so no matter what you support or oppose,they're already on top of it and behind it and pulling the strings,directing the outcome towards their evil satanic goals...
you can't win,the illuminati has already rigged everything
by totally bummed out October 30, 2005
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A mistooken organization, that failed to exist from 200 years ago. The illuminati was actually a good foundation, that lead to success and victory in the French revolution.

These days, the illuminati is to be known as still "active", when really the illuminati were actually full of Christians, and was a good society to help keep peace and order when all was going mad.

But, the Illuminati was later shut down, after the French Revolution as you see, noone really needed them anymore.

So now, we have idiots walking around going "ERRR ILLUMINATI IS IN EGYPT, I SAW DER PYRAMERDS!" Which is false, and idiots that flash that illumanati sign around in their music videos are idiots as well.

Person 2: Your an idiot, the illuminati died years ago. It's called satan worshipping you darn fool.

by TheCrazedOne March 14, 2012
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