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Bend her over doggy style cum on her back and then yell "Sheboygan" as you throw blue glitter on her. Tip her on her side and tap off the excess glitter to reveal the numerous unique shapes you made. You're no Martha Stewart but even she can't pull this off. Sit back and admire your craft making skills.
I met a one night stand in Kentucky, I would have given her the Sheboygan, but I forgot my blue glitter.
by Charles T. Can October 08, 2008
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Mediumish town in Wisconsin located on the shores of Lake Michigan.
Known for its famous "Brat-fest" parade celebrating that worthy summer grilling stapel the Johnsonville brat.
The location where the popular Wisconsin summer phrase "cooler by the lake" originated.
'Lovingly' referd to as "She-Vegas" because it is actually a one-horse town with nothing much to do.
Some times used as a verb refering to acts of a sexual nature.
"Lets go to Sheboygan, I mean atleast its better than watching grass grow!"

"Dude I was in Sheboygan and found a shirt that said 'She-Vegas' across the cool...or not"

"Dude you should totally sheboygan that girl, shes a hottie."
by Perfect Vixen March 23, 2009
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A small, boring little town north of Milwaukee, and south of Green Bay. Theres nothing in Sheboygan, yet Walmart wants 2 Supercenters. With little to do at night, teens play drinking games, eat at Jalisco's, or hang out at friends houses. Meanwhile people that can legally drink find themselves at bars, killing there livers, and spending way to much money.
"What should we do tonight?"
"I dont know, sheboygan sucks"
"Does anyone have booze or a party?"
"Lets go to jalisco's then, im hungry."
by Nate Bohn October 29, 2006
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The flim-flam, the rope-a-dope. The long con. A trick.
'Afraid it was all just the sheboygan, guy. *shrug* Afraid you're the straight old chump, no foolsies. *shrug*'
by Zimzam McGee February 13, 2014
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1. The elimination of fecal waste through one's anus.

2. The art of expelling feces from one's anus in a manner that exceeds the definition of "pooping" or "crappin
I ate so many cheese curds that I may not be able to drop a Sheboygan.

The Chicken Booyah that I had for lunch made me Sheboygan.
by mulac3 September 06, 2010
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1) A fictious or mythical place, in the manner of Atlantis or Shangri La.
2) A blatant untruth
Are you telling me sheboygans?
by JustinSane2 July 11, 2008
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