I gave him a blowjob to completion, then gobbled his load.

My date sucked me to completion, then gobbled my load.
by Flossy Spacek September 17, 2009
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(v) To ejaculate; to cum.
Yeah, I just completed when I saw that, no joke.
by Dongo February 7, 2006
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In mathematical analysis, a metric space M is complete provided every Cauchy sequence of points in M converges to a point in M.
R^n, the set of n-tuples of real numbers, and l_2, the set of square-summable sequences, are complete.

Q, the set of all rational numbers, is not complete. For example, the sequence
3, 3.1, 3.14, 3.141, 3.1415, 3.14159...
where each term is a further approximation to pi, is Cauchy in Q but does not converge to a rational number.
by Subsequence February 17, 2010
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Having all the necessary parts or elements, lacking Nothing.
"I wish i could explain your eyes.
and your voice like as butterflies.
Your Hart that is pure as gold.
Your All words are epic, you ever told
You are important for my life as air,
For going to far from you, i've no dare.
You are important for me as lyrics to music Beat,
Come to me darling! and make me complete"
My better half completes me!
...wish i was complete!
by 140CM January 18, 2022
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a glass or bottle of beer measuring 625 ml. contrasted with a pint which is typically 500 ml.

the word is from the french equivalent of 'complete' indicating that a 625 ml bottle of beer is just the right amount for a summers day and will leave you slightly more satisfied than just a pint.

pronounced KOHM-PLEH, as in french.
a good old complet of pabst by the river won't leave me heavy-handed nor empty.

we can get more bang for our buck buying a complet instead of a pint.
by uglyfriends February 17, 2013
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the act of fufilling one's act of ejaculation
Oh man, that chick was so hot that when she bent over, I think I completed...
by Neo2129 June 9, 2003
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Complete, finish, accomplish, no longer working towards.
Someday... I'm gonna completer that.
by The Pie April 28, 2006
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