56 definitions by 5'11"Racer

1. to get a grade below the minimum passing grade in school.
2. To drain your bar completely in DDR and lose.
3. Means same thing as sucks.
I failed a math test. Oh crap I'll going to fail the song1 This really fails hard.
by 5'11"Racer October 12, 2006
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1. Incapable of being uninstalled(removed) from a computer.
These stupid ununinstallable programs are taking up memory.
by 5'11"Racer November 11, 2006
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Seven times as much, doing something 7 times.
The car did a septuple flip.
by 5'11"Racer November 11, 2006
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The average male height in the USA. Five feet and nine inches. The average is NOT six feet like some people believe.
5'11" is two inches above 5'9", which is average.
by 5'11"Racer December 20, 2006
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An In the Groove machine that is not just In the Groove installed on a DDR machine, it's a separate ITG specific machine. Short for "dedicated cabinet."
I prefer playing on a dedicab instead of a crappy DDR upgrade.
by 5'11"Racer November 6, 2009
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To fail or lose at something that's very easy. Comes from Light Mode in DDR.
You got a 40% in Basic Counting to Ten! Way to fail light.
by 5'11"Racer September 15, 2006
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