Using Light Mode on Discord one of the Worst things you can do to your Retina's
Do yourself a favor and Disable Discord's Light mode.
by Yoyle July 22, 2018
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Tired of being able to see? Enable light mode and SUFFER. (Alternatively you can just turn on your flashlight and stare into it)
by Le potat May 19, 2021
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A group of people on Reddit who are determined to eliminate all light mode present on the internet.
Person: I use light mode on discord
by Flizbri June 30, 2019
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when some is leaving you on read or isnt opening messages or taking calls or just not replying as a stereotypical light skinned would.
him: man she when into light skinned mode she hasn't answered any of my calls or text

her: dang.
by lemon squirt September 05, 2017
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