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Beautiful town in Surrey 16 miles from London with parks, a theatre and great shops and restaurants.
Epsom is pretty cool.
by .l April 24, 2014
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Really nice large village just outside London in the north of Surrey. It's a mile from Epsom and two miles from Cheam, with which it shares the vast and beautiful Nonsuch Park. It is very picturesque with some buildings dating back centuries, lovely old churches and a small village centre park called Bourne Hall park which also features a library and a large and very pretty pond complete with a fountain. Ewell is also home to the excellent Ewell Castle School.
When in Ewell it's pleasant to visit Bourne Hall to get some books from the library and then have a picnic in Bourne Hall Park overlooking the pond.
by .l April 29, 2014
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Really cool Surrey town in outer London with beautiful Victorian grand architecture, river location and quick access by fast train to central LDN.
Surbiton is great for fine dining and river walks
by .l April 29, 2014
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The town in outer London in which the Rolling Stones were spotted by a notable music promoter in 1963 during an early gig at the then Red Lion public house (now the Winning Post) in Sutton High Street. The rest is history.

But, I hear you say, there must more to the town than *just* that. Well, yes: Sutton is just ten miles from London's Charing Cross, and is a very leafy and pleasant place to be. Much of Sutton was build during Victorian times, so the architecture has the character of that era. In recent years there's been something of an influx of young professionals, whose presence has helped lead to the current plethora of trendy restaurants, stylish coffee houses and cool bars, like All Bar One.
PERSON 1: Are there any "hidden gem" areas in and around London?

SAGE: There were a few years ago, and I'd have said SUTTON was one. But it's not hidden any more.
by .l April 15, 2014
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A town that people love more than any other.

location: Greater London, near the boundary with Surrey.

benefits: leafy,cultural, stylish, trendy,arty,great shopping,beautiful parks,fine dining,theatres.

downsides:none known.
by .l May 15, 2014
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Lovely area on the outskirts of London with many fine qualities, not least its outstanding schools, its excellent library - the best for miles around - and the attractive high street with its buzzy shops, coffee bars and restaurants. In the - admittedly unlikely - event you should wish to go somewhere else, Sutton's neighbouring areas are pleasant too - Wimbledon and Epsom.
Sutton person 1: Shall we go into Epsom today?

Sutton person 2: What's the point? We've got everything here.
by .l April 28, 2014
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The town of Sutton in Greater London is a likeable spot to live in or visit. It's good for the arts with its huge well stocked library, complete with its own "Europa" art gallery; its large Waterstones bookshop, arranged over two storeys with a nice little coffee area upstairs; and its own cinema and theatre. Schools in the wider Sutton borough are known for being among the very best in the whole of Britain, and two of the best of these are in the centre of the town. Sutton High Street is always vibrant with its coffee houses with pavement seating, good fashion shops and tons of quality restaurants. The town has good architecture, including plenty of Victorian and Edwardian, lots of outdoor public art, leafy parks and, last but not least, a very good community spirit.
by .l April 28, 2014
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