Cheam is a smart area of outer London on the boundary with Surrey. It is in the much admired and very leafy London Borough of Sutton. It has at its centre a beautiful village and park. The park contains a mansion called Nonsuch. There are numerous trendy restaurants, gift shops and coffee houses in the village, along with a branch of Waitrose.

Cheam is very much the place to be for stylish people of all ages. It is truly EXCELLENT.
yuppy househunter: "all the nice areas around London are just sooo pricey..........."

yuppy 2: Move to Cheam; it's lovely and not too dear. It's the next place to be!
by .l March 11, 2014
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The part of the a man's member where the head meets the shaft. The little inverted "v" in particular.
I seen this chick tickling his cheam with her tongue, it was awesome!
by superfunfartman November 17, 2006
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High achieving secondary school in the London Borough of Sutton, within the catchment area of most of Cheam and the town of Sutton. It was rated "Outstanding" by OFSTED.
- Cheam High School gets its pupils through their GCSEs and A Levels with flying colours.

- At Cheam High, it's cool to study.
by .l April 29, 2014
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The best place to live in the whole of fucking England
The houses are huge and everyone are legends
You can get to pretty much anywhere easily from south Cheam
It is much better than North Cheam where you will probably get stabbed
South Cheam is posh as fuck
Mate let’s go to south Cheam and buy some fucking ten grand vodka cos they’re all fucking rich.
by Wettie Don 2018 November 4, 2018
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Just gotta wipe my cheam and I'll be with you.
by Diplosaur March 19, 2022
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Cheam High School is so shit swr down if u acc enjoy it or like it ur a neek, the only good thing bout it is the shit that goes down there and outside, some guy used to shot cro and outside the schoolgates, and there was a cro factory at the road nearby (Stoughton Av)
1 - aye this guy used to shot cro outside the schoolgates of Cheam High School

2 - yh ik he also shot at Limes

1 - peak that he got nicked

2 - yh word g
by d207 April 1, 2019
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