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Mitcham is a - perhaps unexpectedly - rather picturesque small town located within Greater London. It's got some genuinely pretty period architecture - for example see photos below of the town's churches and "White House" (no not that one). The area has perhaps been a tad looked down on in the past (often by people who have never been there). But it's smartening up, and its innate visual appeal - especially in its older parts - makes it a perfectly pleasant, green little area to live in or visit. And local borough council plans for town centre improvements will provide a further spur towards it realising its full potential before long.
Question one: What sort of people would Mitcham appeal to?
-- Those who appreciate pretty buildings and plenty of green open spaces (such as Mitcham Common and Mitcham Fair Green).

Question two:Where is it precisely?
-- It's a mile or two further out of central London than Wimbledon, just within the Surrey side of the London/Surrey border. But officially it IS in London, as it's in a London borough (Merton). It is exactly eight miles from Charing Cross (the official central point of London).
by .l April 17, 2014
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A guy who cares about others and is great when it comes to chicks. Very funny and is always fooling around with others. Everyone loves being around him.
Dude, that mitcham guy is so funny!
by Jakaksskkskskxskaksk March 19, 2017
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