means "ok.. Not!!" or "joke". A Filipino gay lingo thats is used to take back someting that you said.
Sebie: im the best! I swear... CHARING!!

Gared: yea its true! you are!!
by yagami8 November 17, 2010
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country for there... instead of sayin there say chare pronounced like chair
look at that fine boi right chare... i aint lyin
by Taryn Burton May 20, 2005
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a Filipino expression or an excuse used when the person you're talking to doesn't appear to agree with any single thing you said
Husband: Honey, don't you think you need a vacation? because our ears need vacation from your constant yelling
Wife: seriously?
Husband: charing!
by Juanganda October 15, 2017
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When you and a friend have to share a chair.
"Oh no, we have run out of seating!"
"It's okay, I'll chare with you!"
by misstopaz September 16, 2017
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Chard - pronounced /SHärd/ Definition- When someone guts the inside of a van to make it into living space but has no idea what they're doing and ultimately does far more damage than good. Often exhibited when pro shop help is trying to assist but for every one thing the shop assembles the owner takes 3 more things apart and breaks all of them. The final appearance of a van being Chared cannot be distinguished from the damage left by a tweeker on meth and is often seen driving down the road with a lawn chair for a front seat and missing windows with personal belongings blowing out in the wind.
"I went to look at a used van today but I looked inside and it was Chared beyond repair"

"Don't let that person work on your van or it will be Chared"
by AwesomePossumVanWorks September 22, 2020
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over cooked and burnt to fucking.


getting shot and killed/ murked in the streets. This is depending on where you live as well.
"Bruhhh that fuckin burger on yo grill is chared"

"Bruh did you see little Johnnie and ol dun dun get chaed down bruh bruh. Shit fucked up bruh bruh "
by Don Brown August 15, 2016
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