May 8
"That gay hooker that renowned homophobe Dr. Rekers hired when he went overseas is not cute at all, but, whatever lifts your luggage."
by ThatsTooBad May 04, 2010
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May 7
verb, the act of performing a typo. Often used when referring to password typos. See Fat Finger Disease
"I thought the server was down, but I just fat fingered my password."

"You didn't get my email? I must have fat fingered the address."
by Lord Andre March 31, 2005
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May 5
when an acquaintance you haven't seen for a long time greets you by name but you don't have time to remember their name
Joe: "Hi, Andy. How have you been?"

Andy: "Er...Hi. Good. How about YOU?"

Sarah: "Andy, you've just been name ambushed."
by brand x May 03, 2010
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May 4
An insult disguised as a compliment, originating from The Simpons episode Father Knows Worst. The disguise can be very obvious or very subtle.
Example unsult: "Lenny, it takes a lot of courage to wear suspenders while you're not performing in the circus."
by OnipSemaj April 30, 2009
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May 3
some one who has soft hands for doing office work & little or no hard labor
he has office hands from his job. he has soft office hands.
by Just Put Italian May 01, 2010
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May 2
Refers to the decision to stay in bed when you are too tired to get up and go to church.
Bottom doesn’t go to church; he prefers mattress worship.”
by Bottom Ford April 17, 2010
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