Jan 4
You and someone are having beef so you want to fist fight to settle out the differences.
Hey Dom if you have a problem you can catch the ones.
by Rpg-Rpg January 03, 2018
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Jan 3
Mentioning that you're wearing an expensive brand of clothing, using an expensive piece of technology, or bragging about other items that you own which are of high value. Brand Dropping is similar to name dropping, the main difference is mentioning merchandise in lieu of a person.
Jon: Dude! Watch it, if you spill that drink on my $ 350 Zegna shirt I'm gonna lose it.

Dave: Stop brand dropping Jon. No one cares what kind of shirt that is.
by baked_12 March 09, 2011
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Jan 2
trigger warning: suicide
the tw means trigger warning and is used for anything the could trigger someone (ex. self harm, eating disorders etc) and the / is to indicate what the trigger warning is about. the s* stands for suicide, it could also be written out s**cide
tw/s* logan paul posted an up close video of a man that hung himself.
by jasonearlfan67 January 01, 2018
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Jan 1
verb 1. to cause disgust (in someone). 2. +that: to be disgusted by (something)

From Italian schifo (pron. 'skI:fo
1. Seeing guys spit on the sidewalk skeeves me. 2. Guys putting their hands all over you, I skeeve that.
by mrRhum September 08, 2004
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Dec 30
The rashy, matted and uncomfortable state of ones crotch after a lengthy car ride.
I don’t know about you but I’m getting real bad car crotch over here.
by TheOdysseus December 29, 2017
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