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From the RPG Shadowrun. Used also as " runner'.

Somebody who receives wages from:

- international corporations
- crime organisations
- independant people claiming revenge... or something else
- others


- Steal data / objects
- " Extract" ( see "extraction" later) somebody
- kill somebody
- sabotage corporate/ private installations

Somebody who performs a shadowrun .
this day and age, things change so fast that the centrifugal force of progress will shear your head right off. Shadowrunners like us need to keep up with the latest developments. When you run a B&E, you need to know what nasty new security feature might try to cut you in two as much as you need to know which nova new magic formula is worth snatching. It's the state of the art, chummer-it'll make you cred or get you dead."

State of the Art 2063
by Boomer March 25, 2005
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a girl that's fugly
guh! look at her--swamp donkey in a major way!
by Boomer December 12, 2001
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low down and funky, but knee deep enough to ride to.
slumpin' beats and phat tracks as we spin da wax...
by Boomer December 9, 1999
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lets clarify some things 4 those who know nothing
1)mormons don't pracice polygthamy
2)church is true
3)we do not believe we will become gods
4)we are christians for we believe in christ
5)we pay tithing by choice we aren't forced
6) we don't have to pay are leaders
7)family decides on the number of kids nothing to do with the church
there is much more but i'll leave it at that for now
If people believe their church is so true then they shouldn't be so defensive with the mormons church
by Boomer February 21, 2007
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(M)enorahs (P)er (S)quare (I)nch
Scale used to define the degree of piety in a Jewish household.
by Boomer September 25, 2001
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Attitude of calmness, especially when exhibited while under stress.
Displaing her usual sang-froid, the nurse quickly and calmly attended to the many patients needing her attention.
by Boomer March 27, 2005
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Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard
my grandpa vs. an iMac
by Boomer May 22, 2001
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