An exclamation that, when uttered in conjunction with taking an object, immediately transfers ownership from the original owner to the person using the word regardless of previous property rights.
Though I cherished my automobile, I had to purchase a new one when my second cousin came up from behind me and politely exclaimed, "Yoink" while taking my car keys.
by Anonymous October 9, 2002
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Te opposite of yeet. Instead of throwing something you grab it.
by Lilstrawb December 21, 2018
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A sound effect created by Don Martin of Mad Magazine used to indicate the rapid pulling or removal of an object, much like 'Pow" or "Bam" would indicate a punch or hard hit in a Batman comic. Later used numerous times by characters on The Simpsons to indicate quick grabbing of something belonging to others.
"It's mine", said Bart. "No, it's mine", said Lisa. "Yoink!". Now it's mine, said Marge.
by jfdnt November 20, 2012
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Boy if you dont stop im a yoink them shoes off yo feet.

Girl if you dont stop im a yoink that weave up off yo head.
by Pfisher03 March 30, 2019
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Onomatopoeia referencing a common cartoon sound effect played to enhance the action of an object being quickly stolen. The word obtained a more popular use after it's frequent utterance from Homer Simpson, the animated star of Fox's The Simpsons.

Word is spoken to make obvious or humorous the playful theft of an item in front of others.
You shouldn't leave your wallet lying around like that...Yoink!
by jedimasta July 21, 2005
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Said while taking something from someone in front of their face.

Also the sound effect made while stealing
Man1: Yoink
Man2: Hey, where did my food go?
by Uglysad April 1, 2005
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To take or grab from someone or someting, maybe even stealing.
by Professional Yoinker November 8, 2018
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