A combination of the words "sheep" and "people" meaning that the person or persons are acting as a group or to only behave based on what is trending
Look at all the sheeple , flocking to get the new iPhone.

Only a sheeple would do something stupid, that he knows won't work Because he watched the rest of the flock do it and fail. Simply because the other sheeple did it and said it was trending.
by Dr.YKnot September 30, 2015
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People unable to think for themselves. Followers. Lemmings. Those with no cognitive ablilities of their own.
All the teens were wearing bell-bottoms because they were sheeple.
by Naegling October 3, 2003
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When a large group of people that make up the majority follow an idea that's not based on fact. "Sheeple" is a play on the word "people," who usually live with the herd mentality, following other people blindly, as opposed to thinking on one's own and being an individual.
Meredith hated high school so much cos it was full of sheeple. Everybody dressed the same style, had same hairstyles, and listened to that Top 40 crap. Meredith himself was definitely not sheeple, and proud of it, for he stood out like a sore thumb. He was a goth, with his dyed black hair, black clothes, heavy eyeliner, pale skin and his love for Bauhaus.
by Babydoll75 March 12, 2019
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People who have no mind or free will of their own and go with the flow.
by Aaron Lojewski August 2, 2006
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People with no ability to make their own choices. Essentially a conformist. Also known as lemmings, followers, drones, or simply sheep. Singular form is "ewe".
Person A: Why are we headed this way? I thought we were gonna hit the Apple Store.

Person B: I decided we should skip it; it's gonna be crowded with Apple sheeple. Steve Jobs just released some new gadget marginally more useful than the last.
by Intothemooooon October 27, 2010
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The hoi polloi. Those who follow triends blindly. Portmanteau of "sheep" and "people", derived as sheep follow their flock and shepherd seemingly mindlessly.
The sheeple cheered as Britney Spears' replacement girl-group singer came onto the stage after hearing she was featured in Teen magazine.
by ke6isf November 3, 2003
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Impressionable people who are incapable of reading between the lines, whilst keeping an open mind. Blind followers of all types. Religious people, anti-religious people, politically absorbed, pathetic bickering fools who believe what they see on the news and mindlessly pick illusionary"sides" . Those who are susceptible to mass hypnosis, and are terrified of thinking for themselves completely. Easily divided and conquered masses of people, Completely against studying all religions/esoteric texts and connecting the dots. Slaves of all types, desperately in need of a master figure. People from all religious/spiritual backgrounds, including those who associate with any branch of satanism. (Yes, the majority of "godless heathens" are still sheep).
Estimatedly 99.99999999999999999999999% of the human population.
You're all fucked.
by Deathmetaldude November 4, 2016
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