A man who get out of one engagement just to enter another
Steve is a total groomarang just six months ago he was engaged to Kim now he's engaged to Stacy!
by Trashj May 15, 2012
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quick summary (under 3-4inches) micro penis is mostly used for people with SMALL UNDERAGED WORTHLESS PENIS! usely use in bo2 lobby’s (
bbmwsc (big black man with small cock) : sents photo

bbw school slut: why’s it so small.. micro penis ew..
by RandomDumbass124 April 05, 2021
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When someone is willing to provide another person sexual pleasure with absolutely zero expectation of receiving anything what-so-ever in return.
Her: "I owe you one, anything, you name it"

Him: "How about a no strings attached blowjob?"

Her: "Sorry I don't support the orgasm donation program, I only give as well as I receive."
by Mama fucker March 26, 2012
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Flat, rundown, dirty, outdated, tweakerville, poor, Mexican infested, armpit where you think you've died or you're in the twightlight zone.
Where's your brother been?

He met the devil and is now trying save an angel.

Poor man he must be in Salem.
by Teodros March 11, 2015
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A fictional tool employed when measuring something to within a degree of "close enough" by eye.
This isn't the space shuttle- my eyecrometer will be accurate enough to get it done.
by thejunkwhisperer June 06, 2010
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The end result of staying up all night smoking crack and drinking beer. The "dweeker" will have the motor capabilities of a drunk, but will be bouncing off the walls like a tweeker. One of the most annoying drug affect types, because you dont pass out drunk, and you never shut-up.
I wish he wasn't dweeking, Im trying to sleep and he has been stumbling through the house for the past 5 hours, what a dweeker
by funniryte September 08, 2010
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To have a conversation or discussion changed into a pre-defined confused state.This state will only be known by the person or people not involved in said conversation and or discussion.
Did you hear how Korn Dog said he was in Tonopah Nevada to all of those people on the phone?" "Korn Dog was actually in Reno Nevada laughing out loud Ooskie Dooskie.He totally Benboozled all of them.
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