Stole internet services thanks to poor protection system of the victim
Thiefing wireless ADSL internet access of a neighbour
by MaxKawa October 17, 2007
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1) usually defined as being robbed; mainly seen in games.
2) Also used to determine 'Ownage' or 'Pawnage'.
1) "Omg I just gotz thiefed by that sexy ninja yonder!!11 All my money gonz nowz. ;_;"
by Crazy pie ninja April 8, 2005
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one who steals

A thief is anyone who has unrightfully taken what doesnt belong to him/her.

Stealing is done usually in an act of greed and self gain.
Becoming a thief, andrew took the loose bill from the mans jacket.

Not knowing that 20 dollar bill that was in the mans pocket was supposed to last him and his daughter for food until the next welfare check.
by I.R.A. July 10, 2006
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A person that claims the belongings of others as his or her own.

The Ideal thief practices Theft as an art form, not as a way of survival. The Ideal Thief does not apply force to any person or object: Assassinations can be quick and simple, Locks can be picked with swift fluid motions, no force should be used. The Ideal Thief knows that trickery, deception, and intelligence will always triumph over physical strength.
The Ideal Thief follows The Thieve's Pentagram:

A Thief is Quick: The Ideal Thief is quick in all aspects. He is fast on his feet, he is fast with his hands, he thinks and acts quickly. The Ideal Thief is quick to acquire an item and quick to release it to his Fence.

A Thief is Prepared: The Ideal Thief is always prepared physically and mentally. The Ideal Thief has all the tools needed to acquire the item in mind. He has picks for locked doors, ropes for scaling castle walls, ball bearings for traps, pits, and distraction, a bludgeon for subduing guards, and various small blades for dire emergencies. The Ideal Thief knows that non-essential tools will be cumbersome and that being ill-equipped will lead to failure and death.

A Thief is Aware: The Ideal Thief is never caught, and must be aware of things detrimental to his goal in terms of the past, the present, and the future. The Ideal Thief remembers each part of his mission, so that his past actions will not lead to him getting caught. The Ideal Thief uses his senses to ensure that he is fully aware of anything and anyone around him in the present. The Ideal Thief understands the consequences of each action, each breath and step he takes may prove the difference between success and failure in the future.

A Thief is Hidden: The Ideal Thief knows how to use the shadows as his cover. The Ideal Thief knows how to calculate fields of vision based on lighting, height, angle, and direction. The Ideal Thief is never seen.

A Thief is Silent: The Ideal Thief understands how to minimize his sound. The Ideal Thief knows how to walk so that his steps cover more area per time, which limits the sound made. The Ideal Thief knows to walk upstairs more than downstairs because walking up produces less sound. The Ideal Thief knows how to match his motions with ambient sound. The Ideal Thief is never heard.
by Kleptin Aufero April 23, 2006
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1. The current occupant of the White House.
2. See also Bush, George W.
George W. Bush stole the election, therefore he is a thief.
by jesster79 February 19, 2006
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to steal something while being incredibly stealthy
Elle just thiefed another pencil...what a klepto!
by piratesxcaribbean February 27, 2010
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An individual who uses stealth and concealment to his advantage. A well educated thief can use these tactics to gain entry to nearly anything with the help of a collection of specific tools designed for the art of theft. There happen to be many forms of thievry which include brute strength and an example of this is a thief bashing a careless bystander in the head, rendering him unconcious. Another form requires tactics and intelligence, the professional thief. The professional thief is hard to come by since most do not make it to this stage. Alot of thieves end up being caught in the act, arrested and fined or imprisioned. Sometimes though, a thief excels in the art, using a combination of many forms of tactical stealth, becoming a skilled artisan of the art.
Pick and Probes are an example of a thief's tools.
by Tempest March 20, 2004
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