To overpower, domineer, take control, run the show, run the household.
I wanted to go play cards with the guys, but my wife talibaned me into staying home and mowing the lawn.
by ComputerNinja June 12, 2009
Afghanistan based group. Said to have harboured Al Quaeda and allowed their training camps. Noted for their severe Islamic beliefs and their repression of women's rights.

Lesser known for being one of the few of the many tribes in Afghanistan to have held the entire country securely for any period of time.
Pro-US troops during the Cold War, succesfully defended against cold war-USSR for many many years.
Taleban forces retreated to caves where they put up stiff resistance.
by Ep1taph July 14, 2003
Illiterate, ignorant, misogynistic Islamic fundamentalists noted for their hatred of just about everything and love of goats and beardless youth.

It is strongly suspected that their hatred of women is rooted in their growing up in the madrassas, where they had no female contact whatsoever while being brainwashed by mullahs who would sodomize them while screaming "Allahu Akbar!".

Once they were able to grow beards, they took out their anger on women and continued the proud tradition of Islamic man-on-boy love. In their minds, it's not as sin as long as they are the givers.
"Look at that Taliban beating the woman for showing 1/4 inch of skin on her wrist."

"Why are those Taliban rounding of truckloads of little boys?"

"I smell smegma and goat shit...there must be Taliban around here!"
by Professor Vile December 27, 2007
to defile a toilet to a point of, a haz mat team showing up in your bathroon with police line tape , while hearing them mumble under their gas mask " this is the worst thing I have witnessed since 9 -11 on CNN.
While eating a diaper full of indian food last night I immeditaly had to taliban the restroom.
by carole and RIch October 1, 2007
Taliban- An Islamist Integrist Brainwahsed Pussyhole hiding in a stinky cave rapped round with C4 and a knife in his hand, wating for Allah which doesn't exist to give him a 1337 order to fuck himself up, but on his way to shag 100 virgins, mohammed's gna say:" sos, we ran out of virgins m8" ROFLMFAO.
TALIBAN-Find poor an Afgan:P.
by Annonymous546879 August 18, 2007