A blob-looking dude with an excessively large square head.
Quinton: OH, there goes the sunlight

Dooley: I think A Chris is nearby!

*Chris walks in looking like a blob*
by Spoja Gunja May 04, 2018
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A super cocky doosh bag guy that makes 40K/year, but gives off a perception of a much more extravagant lifestyle. Examples - he drives a leased car and works in "sales" and talks about his "deals." Also known to name drop and lie incessantly.
That guy is a total Chris Chris, he talks about how he is loaded and hangs out with professional athletes but he actually sells appliances at Sears.
by Scoots McGee November 04, 2012
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The hottest guy you will ever meet his abs are nothing compared to his hair,humor,and looks.Chris is always there for a friend no matter what but he is also there to make about oerson laugh. His hair will always be on point and so will his looks and abs any girl is lucky just to have him look in her direction if he's yours you better keep him because in bed (or anywhere) he will rock your world
Girl 1: (staring at Chris)

Girl 2: stop blushing
by Dyoxtoxph February 20, 2017
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He Is Amazing
He Can Make you laugh
He has the sweetest smile
He don't take shit from no one
He loves to party a bit
He will fall for you and make you his queen
He knows how to treat a woman
He loves his friends and family
He smart
He sexy and handsome
He loves to be kinky and have fun in bed if you let him
He loves to tease you until you give in
And He is the most Truthful guy you can meet
He Has brown eyes, brown hair, tall, and in great shape....
Don't lose him if you got one...It'll be a great mistake.
Girl one: Woah girl, looks like you got a Chris on your hands
Me: Yeah...Plus he awesome in bed ;)
by Bunny Honey Cherry 😍 March 30, 2017
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Chris is a funny, cool, cute, brown hair and brown eyes kid everyone love! He always down for parties or hanging out with friends!! Chris have lots of girls. He only favors his best friends and sisters! Chris only have a certain of people or friends that he call his brothers. He also trust people that turns on him. He’s one everyone like.
Chris is funny asf.
by Cool as urban October 06, 2017
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probably your name, and youre looking it up in Urban Dictionary to see what your name is defined as...this is it
by dontbeadouche October 15, 2010
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