a blonde girl deals with stereotypes. She is a real strong and very smart girl. some could be really trustworthy. They are amazing people to be with. never judge one ever or she will forever hate you.
she must be a blonde girl cause she's amazing.
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A blonde girl is the girl that try’s to make you laugh all the time, and she is funny, but sometimes she’s just falling in life and is depressed
“Why is she so sad today? Yesterday she was laughing all the time...she must be a blonde girl.”
by dude..wtf October 22, 2020
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"You're probably with that blonde girl, who always made me doubt. She's so much older than me. She's everything I'm insecure about."
by Voldy Moldy January 30, 2021
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A blonde girl, who's skinny. Also the subject of a song by strong bad, AKA God.
She's spinning me around in circles again
Oh, that skinny blonde girl
Something about the ages
I failed college algebra again
That skinny blonde girl
And the circles and the ages and the ages
by Afakaz October 22, 2003
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To get extremely intoxicated beyond reason. When you get blonde girl wasted you are fun and functional, despite being in a black out. Similar to white girl wasted or white boy wasted, only more extreme. Only achievable by blonde college students.
Guy 1: Yeah, didn't think that chick go home with me, but she did!
Guy 2: Yeah, she was blonde girl wasted.
by blonde girl wasted January 23, 2012
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An unhealthy obsession with cute little blonde girls, and the desire to eat their hair.
He was going to come out with us, but his Cute Little Blonde Girl syndrome flaired up so he went to the freshman dorms and pretended his car broke down. For 6 consecutive hours.
by JoshHammerCraft April 4, 2011
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A Tall Blonde VSCO Girl Is a VSCO girl who has assumed a leadership position in a VSCO Gang. A Tall Blonde VSCO Girl will usually have a boyfriend for about 2 days at a time. After the breakup a Tall Blonde VSCO Girl will post an eye picture on her VSCO account.
Man that Tall Blonde VSCO Girl tried to hit on me!
by VSCODestroyer September 24, 2019
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