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Slang term for a brand of twinkly vibrator favored by Christian farm girls in Indiana.
"Mike, be a good boy and reach in the bedside drawer to get Lodestar for your Mother. but put some lard on it first!"
by Joe Sar September 6, 2018
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In equestrian circles, "big Lick" refers to the gait of a horse that involves exaggerated movement of the front two legs. The usual horse breed favored for this is a Tennessee Walker. To produce the gait, special shoes are added and a practice called "soring" is inflicted on the horse. This is considered by many to be intentional animal abuse and there have been efforts to outlaw and repudiate the practice.
"See that guy over there? he wants to enter the Big Lick category at the horse show, so he purposely hurts his horse so it will favor the sores on it's legs and prance a certain way."
by Joe Sar January 7, 2018
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You are doing electrical work and you didn't turn of the current for the 220 volt supply. You absentmindedly touch the screwdriver to two hot poles at once. A flash, a puff of smoke, and you realize that the tip of the steel screwdriver melted and is now unusable. You "zorked" your screwdriver. Zork is the sound it made, a low hum and crackle.
I thought I turned it off at the panel, I zorked my screwdriver good, I'm happy I didn't get zorked myself!
by Joe Sar September 19, 2016
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