A benefactor is one party involved a mutually beneficial relationship between two shallow people.
Usually, this type of relationship involves one extremely sexy person (a gold digger) and one extremely rich person (a sugar daddy.)
Hugh Heffner pays for everything his girlfriends' need. In return, they satisfy his Viagra-induced needs. Each one of Hugh Heffner's girlfriends is a benefactor, as is he.
by Lawrence of America January 14, 2009
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A group of hobo friends that are very ok, they like nuggies and WABER
Benefactor is cool
by TheDeathbringer469 February 9, 2021
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A male or female cocksucker who is the recepient's bitch and required to provide him with gifts or money.
LeeRoy's CBB Cocksucking Bitch Benefactor gave him oral service and a shirt.
by CS25 September 18, 2011
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A benefactor is a person who gives money or other help to a person to be their girlfriend. This word is used as a substitute for "sugar daddy".
"I must return to my homeland. That is what i promised my benefactor"
by Tbonetickledapickle September 24, 2021
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