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the process of one smelling so bad that everyone thinks that there is a dumpster coming, or oneself looking so ugly and so alien like that nobody wants to go near them unless they're sending them off to the moon

Basically this word makes no sense at all, so it makes sense in every way you try to use it... you fuckin' zook
1) You fuckin' zook, I want to puke all over your face

2) I zooked the shit out of her last night
by China Doll 69 January 17, 2012
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1) The process of pulling a wedgie out of the arse area.

2) Past form: Zooked

Invented by four bored Year 10 Students in an English lesson in Surrey (2003)
1) I need to zook

2) I just zooked
by Holly18UK November 29, 2006
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interchangeable with bro, man, dude, leo, etc.

trรจs chill
"aii leo!"
"sup zooks?"
by krizN July 22, 2009
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" a shorter name for Bazooka in the popular worms} series " -also used in some other game titles
" i just wasted that guy with the zook!"
by Jonny November 10, 2003
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A poncy hairdresser's 4x4.
Short for Suzuki
That Zook's got more accessories than a tart's handbag, and it still couldn't pull the skin off a rice pudding.
by Sarah W July 27, 2005
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to de-wedgie your self
"awww my thongs right up my arse i need to zook"
by |_()o$ยฃ June 22, 2005
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