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I got some UGA freshman to give me some great Georgia Dome while visiting.
by birdman May 24, 2004
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launch a nut across a room onto a deserving face
My skeet shoot took the wench by suprise.
by birdman May 24, 2004
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"Not For British School Kids"

1. In place of a swear word
2. Describing a topic that is obscene, disgusting, or in general "not for kids"

Origin: Circa 1998
At the snopes.com message board, an obviously irate woman posted saying the other posters should watch their language, because there were British school children reading the message board. From then on, as a joke, the other snopesters started using NFBSK in place of swear words or in the subject lines of topics that might not be suitable for children (or the squeamish).
1. I moved one Jenga block and the whole NFBSKing thing fell down!
2. I'll tell you about my surgery, but I must warn you, it might get a little NFBSK.
by birdman August 4, 2004
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1. a silent assassin..a way to let your presence be known...
2. What a guy is said to do if he cant get his farts to make noise (thats for you Q-Doc)
She let out a nasty queef in the room, clearing out everyone. You better watch out because she has good aim and can queef one in your eye.
by birdman May 24, 2004
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A phone that you wear on your feet.
Once, the phone rang, but it was only my shoe
by birdman January 14, 2005
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