being extremely high or stoned to the point of feeling paralyzed
Mike: yo man is he gonna hit this or no
Dan: are you kidding me that kid is zooked!
by andrew242345 August 7, 2006
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Whenever someone is so high on drugs that they cannot function and become incompetent. Typically after the consumption of heavy drugs. Zooked can turn into a lifestyle if not properly assessed and controlled.
Typical night in a zooked life:

*Q wakes up in the middle of the night frantically*
Q: I must order cinnastix right now
Me: WHAT? Are you zooked? it's 2 am
Q: No no I order now.

*Seamless accepts order. Domino's calls to cancel order.*
Q: OMG THEY'RE ZOOKING ME. Q passes out while writing complaint to Seamless.
by MSGR3Y January 4, 2019
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Zooked- Really hyper...high strung, full of energy..
Dude im so "zooked" right now i just chugged 2 Rockstars.
by Nick December 2, 2005
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fresh. super swagg.
with new styles of clothes, shoes, chains,
matchin colors.
" super fresh and my swagg so official im zooked " ... - soulja boy
by Emma Galvan April 30, 2008
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When something or someone is considered as absurd; weird or abnormal.
When Terry twerked in front of the whole family during thanksgiving, he was being so zooked.
by Gabby's Brother May 4, 2020
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Originally from Battlefield 1942, also seen in subsequent Battlefield games featuring aircraft.

While being pursued in a dogfight, the pilot will pull up sharply into a 90 degree vertical climb. He/she will then exit the aircraft (his/her velocity will cause them to travel upwards alongside their aircraft for a short time). The pilot will equip an RPG / SMAW and attempt to shoot the pursuing enemy out of the sky before climbing back into your aircraft and continuing flight without stalling / crashing. (Note: You must be the Engineer class to equip Rocket Launchers)
A perfect (and hilarious) Zooking example

Youtube; Search : 'Rendezook'

Featuring 'Stun_gravy'

Nice work dude, you make it look easy
by thePhantomGhost January 10, 2012
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