" Zimmering" Zim mer-ing Noun
" Zimmered" Zim merd Adjective

1: The Act of destroying anything that you were asked not to interact with because you were not ( smart, strong ) enough to know you should of left it alone.
Person 1 - Hey it looks like that windshield has a crack in it!
Repair Shop - We can repair this for you on Tuesday.
Person 1 - I cannot wait till Tuesday, I will fix it myself.
Repair Shop - Do you have any training in repairing windshields?
Person 1 - Nope, I do not.
Repair Shop - Please do not try to repair it yourself if you go on zimmering something you do not know about you will damage it.
Person 1 - Ok

Person 1 then goes ahead and attempts to repair the windshield and in frustration of inability to repair the windshield throws a Sledgehammer through the windshield completely damaging the window frame and the inside of the vehicle.

Repair Shop - DAMN! You completely "Zimmered" that car.
by Wholywalter July 19, 2013
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