Having someone complete a job for you, then finding out they didn't do it and blame you for it not getting done.
That dealership "Zimmered" Jimmy like a bitch!
This guy is suck a jerk, he going to get "Zimmered" by me on this job!
by King J 2012 September 16, 2015
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To be one-uped by someone else.
I had that great story about when I saved that rabbit from being eaten by the cat when I got Zimmered by that guy who saved that kid from being hit by a truck.
by SARKMAN October 25, 2006
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To take something dull or boring and make it fucking amazing.
I just Zimmerized that party! or I am so bored I need to be Zimmerized.
by iLoudnoise April 1, 2011
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A guarantee to your friends, that in a designated period of time, you will hook up with a girl. This is a way to put pressure on yourself to not be a bitch and talk to chicks. Failing to fulfill the Zimmer results in a penalty. Recommended starting penalty of a shot of well vodka. A play off of George Zimmer's famous Men's Warehouse saying, "I guarantee it!"
Ryan: Hey Don, did you complete your Zimmer this weekend?

Don: Ya, the Zimmer has been fulfilled. It was a last ditch effort at the bar, but I ended up giving her my beef hammer
by ThirdandKing July 21, 2011
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to move very very slowly along while desperately clutching onto a supporting object
"I think I'll try and zimmer over to your place tonight, Dear"
by Bilmo February 19, 2007
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The description of a positive end result
How's that greasy pie, fatty?
-"The meat to potato ratio is text book. It's a zimmer mate, thanks for asking."
by Sam Calvert May 29, 2007
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1. A once funny saying used so many times, that it loses any resemblence to an amusing statement.

2. The actual statement that is increadibly stupid in a vain effort to be funny.

3. A comeback to an insult that reaks of stupidity and is far from getting the job done.

4. Can be loosly defined as anything that is spoken/typed online that is extrodinarily stupid.
Guy 1: Hey faggot i hate you
Guy 2: oh yeah...well...shut up...faggot..i hate you..
Guy 3: you're a moron, that's a Zimmerism right there
by thisblows7504 April 10, 2006
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