A guarantee to your friends, that in a designated period of time, you will hook up with a girl. This is a way to put pressure on yourself to not be a bitch and talk to chicks. Failing to fulfill the Zimmer results in a penalty. Recommended starting penalty of a shot of well vodka. A play off of George Zimmer's famous Men's Warehouse saying, "I guarantee it!"
Ryan: Hey Don, did you complete your Zimmer this weekend?

Don: Ya, the Zimmer has been fulfilled. It was a last ditch effort at the bar, but I ended up giving her my beef hammer
by ThirdandKing July 21, 2011
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The description of a positive end result
How's that greasy pie, fatty?
-"The meat to potato ratio is text book. It's a zimmer mate, thanks for asking."
by Sam Calvert May 29, 2007
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An electrical device (usually a coffee grinder) used to bust up bud (weed). NOT THE SAME as a grinder.
"Hey, wanna use my grinder?"
"Nah, I got a zimmer, no hands needed!"
by 420swed420 April 22, 2009
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(n.) 1. the part of any break from school where you start becoming extremely bored from lack of something to do and from missing your friends.
2. the point in any break from school where one starts wishing for school to start.
- Knowing that spring break was approaching, i prepared for the zimmer that was soon to come.
- I hate the feeling of zimmer washing over me.
by I Am The Waiting September 5, 2011
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Having someone complete a job for you, then finding out they didn't do it and blame you for it not getting done.
That dealership "Zimmered" Jimmy like a bitch!
This guy is suck a jerk, he going to get "Zimmered" by me on this job!
by King J 2012 September 16, 2015
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To be one-uped by someone else.
I had that great story about when I saved that rabbit from being eaten by the cat when I got Zimmered by that guy who saved that kid from being hit by a truck.
by SARKMAN October 25, 2006
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To take something dull or boring and make it fucking amazing.
I just Zimmerized that party! or I am so bored I need to be Zimmerized.
by iLoudnoise April 1, 2011
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